Welcome to the last part of our blog series and your journey to healthier, younger looking skin.

You’ve learned a lot about your skin over the last 6 posts, simply by reading about magnesium. That shows you just how deeply rooted magnesium is in the health and function of your skin, and why it’s by far the single most important essential nutrient for youthful skin.

Today we quickly review magnesium’s roles in the health and youth of your skin, and why skin treatments can actually age your skin if you don’t supplement with additional magnesium. (You can find all the scientific literature for this post at iMag library’s skin section.)

Magnesium Needed For Your Skin’s Health & Youth

So far in this series we’ve learned quite a lot about your skin and what it needs to stay youthful and healthy. We also learned that all these main factors are actually dependent on magnesium:

  1. Your skin’s collagen & elastin formation.
  2. Your youth hormone production (DHEA, pregnenolone & progesterone).
  3. Preventing and mitigating inflammation & acne in your skin.
  4. Preventing the physical deteioration of your skin.
  5. Your skin’s DNA repair.
  6. Production of your skin’s Vitamin D for recovery and healing.

A picture showing a combination of collagen protein fibres in the skin which give it structural integrity, youth and fullness.

It’s quite clear that magnesium is the single most critical natural nutrient for you to have healthy and youthful skin. Now let’s quickly look at magnesium’s role in collagen formation and why this is linked to ACCELERATED aging after invasive skin treatments.

How Skin Treatments Can DECEPTIVELY AGE Your Skin

See, most invasive skin treatments are designed to stimulate your skin’s own production of collagen, by first harming the skin with things like lasers, peels and dermarollers. However this only has a NET positive result if you’re not deficient in magnesium and here’s why:

Collagen is needed daily by every one of your organs – not just your skin. In fact, when it comes to your immediate survival, your body does not prioritize your skin’s collagen as high as other places like your heart, brain, liver, kidneys etc. Thus if you’re low in magnesium and you have an invasive skin treatment done, then for the first day or two after your treatment, your body can prioritize your magnesium for collagen formation in your skin. This is because the procedure has activated your body’s defense systems and so your body may percieve the skin damage as an imminent threat to survival, which it needs to resolve.

However after a few days of noticing that this treatment’s skin damage is not life-threatening, the body once again shifts its regular prioritization of magnesium for producing collagen in more important areas of your body such as your heart, brain and liver, and not your skin.

This can often lead to less total collagen formed in your skin than what was damaged by the treatment, WHILE for the first few days giving a deceptively fuller look due to your skin’s swelling.

The probelm is that because the after effects are so subtle anyways, and the initial swelling has a greater effect by immediate contrast, it is actually difficult to notice that you are slowly damaging your skin.

The theory, logic and technology behind many invasive skin treatments is actually sound. Stimulating your body’s innate collagen is a great idea, but only if you have additional magnesium so there is no need for your body to prioritize.

As it stands, over 90% of people are deficient in magnesium:

Invasive skin treatments including dermabrasion, microneedling and laser therapies provide best results if your body has enough extra magnesium to produce the collagen the therapy is meant to stimulate.

Magnesium Deficiency Epidemic:

The World Health Organization’s findings, paired with experts’ most recent views on daily magnesium requirements, reveal that over 90% of people are magnesium-deficient. In fact, scientists from the International Society for the Development of Research on Magnesium now conclude that it is impossible to restore and maintain healthy magnesium levels without supplementation. This is because of 3 reasons:

  1. Humans, plants AND animals can only get magnesium from soil and spring water, and both have now become severely depleted. (We can’t make our own magnesium.)
  2. Because the human stress-response uses magnesium, ALL stress directly depletes our magnesium. Stress is anything that disturbs your body’s natural balanced state – especially exposure to blue artificial light and wifi. Environmental stress on earth is at all-time highs.
  3. Modern diet is heavily fortified with calcium & iron. Both are stressful in high amounts, and excess of either directly depletes our magnesium levels.

Basically, we’re getting less magnesium while losing more, and supplementation has now become necessary.


Magnesium is your skin’s most vital nutrient, and absolutely critical to your skin’s clarity and youth.

If you’re spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on skin treatments, you need to make sure you have a surplus of natural magnesium so your body doesn’t need to prioritize its collagen formation, because your skin is NOT its top priority when it comes to longevity and survival.

See why so many people are using iMag natural magnesium from the Ancient European Zechstein SeaBed to maximize the results of their skin treatments.

We hope you feel empowered by this new information about your skin’s most vital nutrient and hopefully you feel it’s important enough to share it with loved ones and friends who have skin conditions!

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