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The World’s Purest Natural Magnesium Chloride

Our iMag Source line of 100% natural magnesium spray and flakes lets you take advantage of revolutionary trans-dermal magnesium absorption that surpasses oral supplements and digestive issues.

iMag Source Magnesium 120ml

Restore your magnesium naturally with iMag Source, the world’s purest natural magnesium. Fill up your cart and save more!

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World's Purest:
1. World’s Purest Source:

iMag is extracted from the world’s only UNDERGROUND source of natural magnesium chloride. This is essential to your health because all other magnesium sources are open bodies of water, which are exposed to pollution and heavy metal toxicity. iMag is preserved underground in the Zechstein Mineral Formation in the Netherlands, Europe. This is literally the world’s purest natural magnesium.

2. Cancerous Packaging?

You’re buying a supplement because you care about your health, so why buy it in a toxic bottle? 

Liquid supplements in plastic bottles are exposed to BPA & BPS: chemicals linked to cancer, mood disorders, and infertility. iMag is the only liquid magnesium you can buy in a glass bottle. 

We go the extra mile to give you the quality you deserve.

Fast & Easy Use:
1. Superior Bio-availability:

iMag is the world’s purest ionic magnesium chloride, with a “stability constant” of zero.

This means your body does zero work to extract the magnesium ions which are essential to your health and well-being. 

In other words, iMag has the highest possible absorption and bioavailability you can get in a magnesium supplement.

2. Fast & Easy Use:

Most oral magnesium supplements take hours to absorb, and cause digestive issues. iMag Source is ionic & trans-dermal:  

This means you can simply spray it on your skin and rub it in, and because it is magnesium in its smallest form (magnesium ions), it enters via your skin in only 20 minutes, completely bypassing your digestive system. Your bottle has visual instructions that show you the best places on your body to spray for maximal absorption. Click here to learn more.

Supplement Facts:

One serving (14 sprays) gives 118 mg of natural ionic magnesium. Each bottle gives you 70 servings.  Take 2 servings daily for optimal results.

iMag Magnesium Flakes  250g

The world’s purest natural magnesium chloride flakes for bath and footsoaks. Fill up your cart and save more!


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World's Purest:

iMag Source Flakes are extracted form the exact same source as our topical spray: the underground Zechstein Mineral Formation in the Netherlands, Europe.

These magnesium-chloride crystals are literally the world’s purest and cleanest natural magnesium flakes.

The fact that they are sourced from underground is essential to your health because all other magnesium sources are above ground, open bodies of water, which are exposed to pollution and heavy metal toxicity.


Pour one pouch into a foot-soak tub that has warm water. Hot water may actually prevent maximal absorption.

This May Surprise You:

All other companies sell magnesium flakes in large pouches of several pounds, leaving you to figure out how much to put in your bath tub.

Here’s the scientific truth that may surprise you: In order for magnesium from a bath to actually pass through your skin and into your body, it needs to be a very high concentration (like that of our spray). In fact, the ratio of magnesium to water needs to be so high that you would need between 8 to 16 pounds of magnesium flakes in a bathtub to achieve trans-dermal absorption! Most companies will never tell you this!

HOWEVER: Because a foot-soak tub is much smaller and therefore holds much less water, you need far less flakes to achieve the minimum required ratio of magnesium to water so that you actually absorb the magnesium. To be precise, 250 grams is enough.

This is why we sell our pure natural flakes in 250g pouches which are easily opened and spill one entire magnesium foot-bath into your small foot-soak tub. You can buy these small tubs for under 4$ at Walmart.

Supplement Facts:

One pouch contains 250 grams (roughly half a pound) of 100% natural iMag magnesium chloride flakes.

This is the perfect amount to spill into a foot-soak tub and soak for 20-30 minutes for maximal absorption.

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We treat you like our own

As you may have noticed, we’re not your typical “supplement company.” We go the extra mile for you, mainly because iMag actually started out as an awareness movement about the epidemic of magnesium deficiency. Besides education, one of the other ways we go the extra mile for you, is that we’re the only company where you get your liquid magnesium in a glass bottle to avoid the cancerous chemicals found in plastic bottles.  Not only does this cost us a lot more logistically, but ever so rarely, a shipment arrives and the glass bottle is broken. This happens less than .01% of the time, so don’t sweat it! Plus, we have your back, because if it does, just snap a pic with your phone of the broken bottle on the same day you received it, and email us. We’ll ship out a new one right away! Or if you prefer, we’ll simply refund your money!

Manufactured & distributed by iMag Inc. & Zechstein Minerals BV

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We started as a movement to help resolve the epidemic of magnesium deficiency:

We first made a magnesium deficiency info website to help you learn about magnesium deficiency and your body.

After researching the poor quality and safety of most magnesium supplements on the market, we developed iMag: the world’s purest natural magnesium line.


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Magnesium-Chloride:  Superior bioavailability?


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